Paul Ryan Mocked for Selfie with More Than 100 Capitol Hill Interns – Almost All of Whom Are White

One Twitter user said Paul Ryan's selfie set the record for "the most racially clueless Instagram photo"

Photo: Paul Ryan/Instagram

A selfie that House Speaker Paul Ryan posted of more than 100 Capitol Hill interns sparked outrage on the Internet over the weekend as critics pointed out that the group of House hopefuls was overwhelmingly white.

The photo went viral after Ryan shared it on his Instagram on Sunday, alongside the caption, “I think this sets a record for the most number of #CapitolHill interns in a single selfie. #SpeakerSelfie.”

But Twitter was quick to criticize Ryan for setting a different kind of record – one for what one user called “the most racially clueless Instagram photo.” Here’s a sample of what others are saying about the group selfie:

As AOL noted, “the photo reflects the very white reality of Capitol Hill.”

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A study released by the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies in December 2015 shows that only 7.1 percent of senior Senate staff are people of color, though minorities make up 36 percent of the larger U.S. population.

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