Paul Newman's Brother Honors Him

The actor's older brother, Arthur, calls him his "role model and mentor"

Photo: Hulton Archive/Getty

As fans continue to mourn the death of revered icon Paul Newman, one of the people closest to him – his older brother Arthur – is paying tribute to him.

“Beyond his place as a world famous ‘super star,’ his reputation as a top international racecar driver and rightful recognition as a most generous global philanthropist, Paul was my loyal and supportive brother for the past 83 years,” Arthur said in a statement.

Since the actor’s death last Friday, several stars and family members have offered condolences and recalled their fondest memories of the legendary actor.

Certainly none knew him longer than Arthur, who added, “Although he was a year younger, from the time we were boys, I always considered him my role model and mentor. His love for Joanne, his daughters, and all in our family, will provide us strength in times to come. He was just about the best human being I have ever known.”

Newman’s business partner A.E. Hotchner told Page Six the family held a private funeral service and cremated the body. “It’s all over,” he said. Their food business, Newman’s Own, has already raised $250 million for charity, and is set to donate $26 million in October.

Hotchner said he remembered the good times about Paul the best. “The great fun we had – the mischief. Everything we did was a lark.”

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