Paul McCartney's Seven-Second Sell-Out

The singer sells out the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino at a rate of 600 seats per second

Paul McCartney may have set a world record in less than a minute when his Las Vegas concert sold out in seven seconds.

The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino put 4,000 seats on sale Feb. 14 – Valentine’s Day – to celebrate the opening of its new $60 million music venue, the Joint. Billed as a “love-in” for couples, tickets sold at a rate of 600 seats a second for the April 19 gig.

“The reason Paul McCartney took this gig is that he wanted a down and dirty, real old-fashioned rock show with minimal seating,” Paul Davis, vice president of entertainment at the Hard Rock, told the Las Vegas Sun. “He wants to come out and look at the crowd and feel the entire crowd staring at him – a real rock show with a real rock ‘n’ roll feel to it.”

McCartney’s record beats the former rate of 40 seats per second for Take That’s Circus tour, which last November sold 600,000 tickets in four and a half hours.

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