Paul McCartney Offers a Glimpse of His Famous Family

To the world he’s the best-known Beatle – to his kids he’s simply Dad.

That’s what Paul McCartney once had to tell his children, he reveals in a new DVD, The McCartney Years.

It features vintage footage of McCartney and his then-young children at a Scottish farm retreat, he told Britain’s The Times on Friday.

“There was one moment where [the kids] were riding their little ponies in Scotland,” he says in the interview. “Stella said to me: ‘Dad! You’re Paul McCartney, aren’t you?’ [I replied,] ‘Yes darling, but I’m Daddy really.'”

Even now, at age 65, life hasn’t changed that much for the music icon. Despite his well-publicized divorce, he’s still very much a family man. After the interview with The Times, he picked up his four-year-old daughter Beatrice from school and took her Christmas shopping, saying “I like to do that myself, you know?”
– David Sims

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