As the couple's trip reaches the Midwest, surprised locals spot them in Illinois

By Caris Davis
August 06, 2008 11:25 AM
Jackson Lee/National Photo Group; inset: Getty

Paul McCartney’s girlfriend Nancy Shevell sure is a roadie – in a big way.

She and the ex-Beatle embarked last Thursday on a cross-country road trip along the iconic U.S. highway Route 66.

Believed to be traveling in the classic ’89 Ford Bronco in which they were first seen kissing, McCartney, 66, and Shevell, 48, were spotted in Joliet, Ill., last weekend.

“They looked totally in love,” Springfield, Ill., resident C.J. Lowder, who bumped into the couple at a gas station, is quoted as telling Britain’s Daily Mail newspaper.

Another traveler who crossed paths with the duo is quoted as saying, “They told us they were on a trip and going on to St Louis before heading West. No one could believe that it was really him – he was so laidback and ordinary. They seemed like a great couple.”