Patty Hearst's French Bulldog Wins at Westminster Dog Show

Her dog, Diva, scores a red ribbon at Madison Square Garden

Patty Hearst. Photo: Seth Wenig/AP

It’s a long way from the Symbionese Liberation Army to the Westminster Kennel Club – but there she is.

Patty Hearst (now Patricia Hearst Shaw) is one of the winners to come out of this week’s Westminster dog show at New York’s Madison Square Garden, as her French bulldog, Diva, won a red ribbon as “Best of Opposite Sex” (a male dog won the breed, and Diva was top female).

Hearst Shaw, 53, calls the win “overwhelming.” “It’s like winning a gold medal at the Olympics. Or would this be a silver?” she tells the Associated Press (via

As for her unexpected appearance at the show, she adds, “When people find out it’s me, it’s like it doesn’t make sense. The Frenchie people know me because I’ve been around. But others, they seemed surprised.”

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