Patti Stanger Blogs: Why Ryan Reynolds & Blake Lively's Romance Works

"Blake and Ryan couldn't be more super," she writes. "Here's why I think this couple are so amazing"

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Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are now married, and I, for one, couldn’t be happier. Florence Welch sang “Somewhere over the Rainbow” at the nuptials, and I can’t think of anything dreamier.

In a way, I feel like I owe Blake and Ryan a big thank-you for stepping in and clearing up my power-couple breakup blues. I’ve been incredibly bummed about Heidi Klum and Seal’s split, and the news of Amy Poehler and Will Arnett’s separation earlier this month was another heartbreaker. I needed a new super couple to turn my frown upside down, and Blake and Ryan couldn’t be more super. Here’s why I think this couple is so amazing:

He’s a committer
There are probably millions of women out there wishing they could clone Ryan for themselves, and not for his abs. Or, at least, not just for his abs. Look as his track record, and you’ll see that Ryan is not afraid of commitment. He sees a woman he wants and he goes for it. In an age in which commitment phobia is as rampant as mono in a freshman dorm, men who can commit are worth their weight in gold.

The age difference
Blake is 25; Ryan is 35. And that age gap seems perfect to me. Up until age 40, most men are just not as mature as women. So, it makes sense that a lot of women date up in age a bit. While the decade between these two may feel like more than just “a bit,” remember that Blake is no typical, fresh-out-of-college twentysomething. She got her first break when she was 18, in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, and has been working nonstop since. The two of them actually have comparable careers, despite his extra time in the business. For Blake to find her power equal, she had to surpass the average 25-year-old prospects.

It’s in the stars

Here’s what my PattiKnows astrologer Christopher Renstrom has to say about Blake and Ryan’s compatibility:

Ryan was born at the last degree of Libra. Most people would say that he was born “on the cusp” of Libra and Scorpio, but that’s not true. Being born at 29 degrees of a sign means that you were born at a critical degree. It intensifies everything in your life. These are the people who are quick out of the starting gate, move right to the head of the line and leap to the top of the heap. They are ambitious, motivated and know exactly what they want. Ryan was born under Libra, the zodiac sign of marriage. Someone like this can’t think straight unless he’s in a committed relationship, which means that he probably started proposing to girls when he was a kid in kindergarten. Ryan could be the sort of Libra that’s in love with being in love.

Blake was born with a stellium of planets (that’s five planets) in Virgo. Virgo is the working girl sign of the zodiac, so her career means everything to her. Virgo is all about self-sufficiency and paying your own way. Virgos don’t marry their sweethearts; they marry their best friends. You have to be mentally quick to keep up with this sign (Virgos don’t do dull), you have to be into causes (like adopting abandoned pets after the latest hurricane and/or wildfire disaster), and you have to have a low body fat count (Virgo is the zodiac sign of the body, after all). A Virigo like Blake is just as impulsive and in the moment as a Libra like Ryan (she was born under a new Moon, so she’s game for anything) and she’s just as driven. The difference is that she’s better at getting things than he is.

Her stellium in Virgo planets conjoins Ryan’s Virgo rising, which would mean that he identifies with her and even wants to be her in a way. This may sound weird, but it’s not. It simply means that Blake is more than Ryan’s perfect idea of a mate; she actually is his role model. We don’t always marry our role models but, in this case, Ryan has.

The fact Reynolds and Lively married when the Sun was in Virgo is a good sign, because Blake is a Virgo. Moreover, Saturn (planet of longevity) winding up its 2½-year stay in Ryan’s sign of Libra means that their marriage is built on a solid foundation. Saturn is exalted (meaning “the most blessed”) when it is in Libra, the sign of marriage. Saturn was nearing a conjunction to Ryan’s Sun, and this ensures a longstanding future of love, harmony and prosperity.

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