Patti Davis Opens Up About Difficult Relationship with Mother Nancy Reagan – but Says She's Happy She Is 'with My Father Now'

Patti Davis said she often felt "invisible and excluded and marginalized" within her family

Photo: Ron Galella/WireImage

Patti Davis has opened up about her difficult relationship with her late mother Nancy Reagan – and revealed that she feels at peace knowing the former First Lady is with her husband Ronald Reagan now.

“At some point, and really it was at the beginning of my father’s illness, I chose to aim for peace of mind in and of itself with my mother,” Davis told Today. “I made a decision to look at her and look at us through a different lens – through a more loving, forgiving lens.”

Davis, who wrote in her 1992 memoir that the Reagan household was a tense “battlefield” where her mother criticized her weight and often slapped her in the face, says she now feels “complete” in her relationship her mom.

“She told me once that she was not afraid to die,” Davis, 63, told NBC’s Maria Shriver. “She said, ‘I don t want it to hurt, but I’m not afraid to die. I’ll see Ronnie again.’ ”

Davis added: “I’m happy for her that she’s with my father now.”

Despite saying her feeling about her mother are “clear and clean,” Davis hasn’t forgotten her childhood in the Reagan household.

“The feeling was sort of like if a band of gypsies came and took me and [Ron Reagan Jr.] away they would miss us, but they’d be fine,” she told Shriver. “They would go on.

“Which didn’t mean they didn’t love us. But it meant that they were complete. Their lives wouldn’t be destroyed if we weren’t there. They were complete unto each other. And that can be a complicated thing for children.”

Reagan, the wife of former president Ronald Reagan, died at age 94 of congestive heart failure on Sunday. Davis was slammed by critics who called her post about her late mother “terse.”

Davis wrote that Nancy was more of a loving wife than a mother.

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