Patrick Dempsey: Quaid Twins Scare Hits Home

"It's a real tragedy," the Grey's Anatomy star and father of twins says

As the father of 10-month-old twins, Patrick Dempsey can more than relate to the recent health scare that threatened the lives of Dennis Quaid’s newborns.

“There’s nothing worse than hearing your child is going to go through something like that,” Dempsey, 41, tells Entertainment Tonight in an interview set to air Dec. 10. “The person that administered that shot has got to feel horrible. Medical science is not perfect and that’s a real tragedy. Hopefully they will recover, but only time will tell.”

Dempsey, his wife Jill, daughter Tallulah, 5, and twin sons Darby and Sullivan are winging east for the holidays. “We’re going back home to Maine and hopefully have a white Christmas,” he said. “It’s the first Christmas with the boys, they’ll be walking by then, so we’re excited.”

He will, however, have to miss costar Katherine Heigl‘s Dec. 23 wedding. “I’m going to be in Maine, but am so happy for her. I’ve never seen her so happy. He’s a great guy too and they are a great couple.”

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