By Julia Emmanuele
July 17, 2015 12:25 PM
Courtesy Patricia Navidad

Patricia Navidad lived out every girl’s worst nightmare on Tuesday – on national TV, no less! – but she handled it with the kind of grace that most of us could only dream of having.

The Mexican singer was in the middle of performing her latest single, “Viva Mexico,” on the Univision morning chat show Despierta America when her pad slipped out from underneath her dress and onto the floor. But instead of immediately bursting into tears – which, full disclosure, is totally what we would have done – Navidad knew that the show must go on and continued performing as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened.

And just in case her ability to remain cool in the face of unbelievable awkwardness wasn’t impressive enough, Navidad then proved that she was also blessed with an incredible sense of humor and took to Twitter to laugh off the incident.

“I don’t need wings to fly, I have imagination, and thanks to God, I have a sense of humor,” she joked, adding, “I’m not a boxer, I’m a Warrior, and I never throw in the towel unless I don’t need it anymore!” (In Spanish, “pad” translates to “sanitary towel,” which makes her Tweet even more amazing.)

But Navidad didn’t just poke fun at herself – she also took the opportunity to shut down the men who were making fun of her after her performance.

“They say that a man who treats a woman like a princess was raised by a queen, those who attack, who raised you?” she Tweeted, also noting that the incident was “nothing to be ashamed of.”

We think we’ve officially found our new role model.

Well played, Patricia: We hope that the next time we’re in an embarrassing situation, we can make you proud.