Pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr. officiated the ceremony in Florence

By Steve Helling
May 25, 2014 03:00 PM

When Kim Kardashian and Kanye West decided to join together in holy matrimony, they asked their friend Rich Wilkerson Jr. to officiate the ceremony.

Wilkerson is an associate pastor of Trinity Church in Miami, a large non-denominational fellowship. But he isn’t any ordinary pastor. He’s a 30-year-old Leonardo DiCaprio lookalike who leads The Rendezvous, a 1,500-member young adult ministry at the church. He comes from a long line of pastors; his grandfather and great uncle worked with Mother Teresa in Calcutta. His father, the senior pastor of the church, has a relief ministry to Haiti.

So how did a Miami pastor become part of the wedding of the year (Including a visit to the photo booth, below)?

It started on a random Tuesday night about two years ago, when West and Kardashian showed up unannounced at one of his weekly services. They hit it off with Wilkerson and began attending the church regularly when they were in town. The church, known for its diversity and its ministry to inner-city youth, became a safe place for the famous couple.

According to West, he began to see Wilkerson as a spiritual advisor. When he needed counsel on how to portray Jesus onstage during performances of Jesus Walks, West asked Wilkerson how to do it. “I talked to my friend Pastor Rich that has the church down in Miami and asked him about it,” West told KMEL radio in 2013. “And my girl asked him separately, too.”

If Wilkerson was nervous about performing the wedding, he didn’t show it. “It went off without a hitch,” says a wedding guest. “He acted like he does celebrity weddings every day.”

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