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The divorce comes four years after Kristy Mucci prevented Angelakos from committing suicide

August 27, 2015 01:45 PM

Passion Pit singer and songwriter Michael Angelakos and his wife, stylist Kristy Mucci, are divorcing, the couple announced on Facebook.

“We regret to confirm that we have mutually decided to separate – amicably and with each other’s best interests in mind – by filing for a no-fault divorce in New York,” the couple’s statement reads.

“We remain close and believe that this will strengthen our bond and love for one another as we move forward together in a healthier and happier friendship. Every separation is difficult in one way or another, and we would appreciate the respect of our privacy during this time. Thank you.”

The news comes four years after Mucci, 30, tackled Angelakos, 28, to prevent him from jumping out of their apartment window in a suicide attempt. (Angelakos has been public about his struggle with bipolar disorder.)

“I’m on suicide watch all the time,” Angelakos told Pitchfork in 2012, before adding that, at the time, he was drawing up his will, which named Mucci as the inheritor of most of his estates and assets. “She’s the one who’s saved my life so many times,” he said.

In 2011, while working on Passion Pit’s second album, Gossamer, Angelakos returned from L.A., where recording sessions were taking place, to Brooklyn. A dose of antidepressants turned him “completely psychotic,” he told Pitchfork. “I started drinking about one and a half liters of expensive gin a day,” he said, adding that, “I was really terrible to Kristy. I scared her a lot. I attempted to jump out the window of our apartment, and she tackled me to the floor.”

A track on Gossamer, “On My Way,” is directly addressed to Mucci: “Just believe in me, Kristina/All these demons, I can beat them.” The lead single from this year’s Kindred seems to obliquely reference Mucci as well: It’s titled “Lifted Up (1985),” the year Mucci was born.

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