September 14, 2004 10:00 AM

Monica Bellucci and her husband, French actor-director Vincent Cassel, are the proud parents of a baby girl, Deva, born Sunday in a Rome hospital.

“The mother and child are doing well,” Laurent Gregoire, the actress’s Paris-based agent, tells the Associated Press.

Bellucci, 35, a former Elite model, appeared in the two Matrix sequels, played Mary Magdalene in Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ and now stars in the new Italian indie film Remember Me, My Love.

In the current issue of PEOPLE, Bellucci said of impending motherhood: “I have refused several movies because of this pregnancy. This is the most important moment of my life. You can make movies all of your life, but you can’t make babies all your life.”

Bellucci met her husband in the mid-1990s on the set of L’Appartement, her first French-language film and the first of eight movies they have shot together. As the actress also tells PEOPLE: “My husband recently directed me and that was good, but it’s okay if we don’t do it again for a while.”

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