June 26, 2002 06:11 PM

UNAMUSED: Buckingham Palace and British media are said to be upset that an American made-for-TV movie about Prince William, ABC’s upcoming “Fathers and Sons,” reportedly pictures the 20-year-old royal hunk as a boozy womanizer, reports USA Today. The network has issued a statement in which it labels the accusations “incorrect. We ask the British press to reserve their judgment until they have actually seen the movie.” That will be in October. . . . ANNOUNCED: Opera tenor Luciano Pavarotti said on CNN on Tuesday that he will rest his pipes for good on his 70th birthday in 2005 and won’t even sing in the shower. “In three years I will retire,” said Pavarotti, who canceled two performances last month in New York at the last minute because of ill health. . . . SUED: Disney CEO Michael Eisner, 60, and his wife, Jane, have filed a federal negligence lawsuit against their accounting firm, Executive Monetary Management, claiming that they had to cover $3 million in unpaid California state taxes and interest for the years 1996 through 1999, reports the Associated Press. The accounting firm did not return the news service’s call for comment. . . . SALUTED: “Absolutely Fabulous” stars Joanna Lumley, 56, and Jennifer Saunders, age unreported (no matter where one looks), are among those to be honored at this weekend’s Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Pride Award ceremonies in Manhattan, reports New York’s Daily News. Their trophy is to be presented by New York state Democratic leader Martin Connor. There’s no telling in what condition the two honorees will arrive.

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