By Stephen M. Silverman
Updated July 15, 2003 01:00 AM

ABSENT: Ozzy Osbourne, 54, was a no-show at Saturday night’s Ozzfest concert at Washington State’s new White River Amphitheatre, reports the Associated Press. There was no official explanation, but Disturbed singer David Draiman told the crowd, “Keep Ozzy in your prayers tonight. Let’s hope he gets well soon.” The Ozzfest Web site says Osbourne’s doctor had ordered him to rest his vocal cords. There were reports that Osbourne is recovering from laryngitis.

DIED: Compay Segundo, 95, the veteran Cuban guitarist and singer who won international recognition late in life as frontman for the Grammy-winning Buena Vista Social Club, died of kidney failure at his home in Miramar, Havana, shortly before midnight on Sunday, his son Salvador told Reuters. The musician’s rise from oblivion to global popularity helped make traditional Cuban music known worldwide.

INCREASED: The rate of people who were screened for colon cancer jumped by more than 20 percent after Katie Couric showed her colonoscopy on the “Today” show in 2000, researchers at the University of Michigan Health System and the University of Iowa announced in the Archives of Internal Medicine on Monday. Researchers documented what many doctors had reported privately following the broadcast: that Couric, now 46, succeeded in encouraging others to follow her.

DIRECTED: Actress Salma Hayek, 36, makes her directorial debut with the upcoming Showtime movie “The Maldonado Miracle,” about the testing of a small town’s faith when a statue of Jesus appears to be shedding tears of blood. The film, to air Oct. 12, stars Ruben Blades, Peter Fonda and Mare Winningham, who, in describing Hayek’s direction, is quoted by AP as saying: “She’s very inspired and excitable and bossy and creative, and you want to make her dream come true.”