August 11, 2003 12:30 PM

BLOSSOMED: The Singapore Tourism Board honored Ricky Martin, 31, by naming a yellow orchid speckled with crimson spots after him, the Associated Press reports. “Hello, sexy, how are you?” the singer asked the dainty flower during the naming ceremony at Singapore’s downtown Botanical Gardens. “You’re supposed to talk to your plants, right?” The Renaglottis Ricky Martin is a hybrid of the Renanthera bella and Trichoglottis loheriana species, both indigenous to Southeast Asia.

CLEARED: Malaysian film censors have ruled that the Jim Carrey comedy “Bruce Almighty” — in which he plays God — can play after all in the primarily Muslim country’s theaters, despite objections from the religious affairs minister. “They viewed it from every angle and found it was a typical Jim Carrey comedy, with nothing sensitive about it,” Anna Ng, local general manager for distributor Buena Vista, told Reuters.

DROPPED: Shock jock Howard Stern, 49, has dropped a lawsuit against TV network ABC and the producers of the reality series “Are You Hot?” which he claimed was a rip-off of a running gag on his show, “The Evaluators,” in which a panel of judges assesses a woman’s looks. Stern’s attorneys filed the dismissal in Los Angeles Superior Court on Aug. 1, and the dismissal was entered by the court clerk as of Aug. 5, according to copies of the papers posted on the Smoking Gun Web site.

RELEASED: Noelle Bush, 26, a niece of President Bush and daughter of Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, was released from a drug rehab facility in Florida Friday after finishing her court-ordered treatment, reports AP. Bush was arrested in January 2002 in Tallahassee on a charge of using a fake prescription in an attempt to purchase the anti-anxiety drug Xanax.

MARRIED: FOX newsman Geraldo Rivera, 60, and documentary producer Erica Michelle Levy, 28, wed Sunday at New York’s Central Synagogue, reports The New York Times, which notes that Rivera’s four previous marriages ended in divorce. The newlyweds met while she helped produce “Rivera Live” on CNBC, where Levy had worked until 2001.

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