March 18, 2002 11:00 AM

TAPPED: Madonna, 43, will compose and perform the title song for the next James Bond film, “Die Another Day,” producers told Reuters. The film will open in November and will be the 20th 007 screen adventure. Previous Bond movie title songs have included “Live and Let Die,” performed by Paul McCartney and Wings; “Nobody Does It Better” (from “The Spy Who Loved Me”), sung by Carly Simon; and possibly the definitive Bond title song, “Goldfinger,” delivered by Shirley Bassey . . . DIED: “Today” and “Tonight” shows creator Sylvester “Pat” Weaver, 93, a TV pioneer for NBC when the medium was in its infancy, died of pneumonia on Friday at his Santa Barbara, Calif., home, his wife, Elizabeth, told the Associated Press. He was also the father of actress Sigourney Weaver, 52. “Pat Weaver was the first major creative force in television programming and one of the most innovative executives in the history of television. Pat’s influence on NBC is still seen by millions of viewers everyday,” NBC CEO Bob Wright said in a statement . . . DEPARTED: After nearly a year’s run, Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick left the Broadway smash “The Producers” on Sunday, turning over their starring roles to English actor Henry Goodman and former “Wings” star Steven Weber. Lane, 46, said he was going to take a vacation before he sets off to do a new sitcom, and Broderick, whose wife, Sarah Jessica Parker, witnessed his final performance, is setting off to shoot “The Music Man” for TV. (He turns 40 this Thursday.) Mel Brooks, 75, who wrote the show (and the 1968 movie upon which it’s based), barked at the two actors after their Sunday performance and their final standing ovation: “Go!”

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