By Stephen M. Silverman
Updated November 18, 2003 08:49 AM

UNBOWED: After five weeks in a rehabilitation clinic, conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh, 52, returned to the airwaves Monday, admitting he’s “powerless” to conquer his drug addiction but vowing not to become “a linguine-spined liberal.” Limbaugh, whose philosophy has included immediate jailing of drug users, said: “I can no longer turn over the power of my feelings to anyone else, which is what I have done a lot in my life, in order to be liked, appreciated or understood. And in the process, I denied myself who I was. I can’t be responsible for anybody’s happiness but my own.” For those who might consider him a “hypocrite” for taking drugs while telling others how to behave, he said: “There’s no hypocrisy.” Instead, he labeled his own behavior “contradictory.”

LAUNCHED: Pamela Anderson is introducing “The Pamela Collection,” a new clothing line debuting Feb. 24 in Las Vegas featuring jeans, T-shirts, sweaters, jewelry, lingerie and a fragrance co-designed by the former “Baywatch” star, reports the Associated Press. She describes the line as “fun, sexy and super comfortable for the every woman.” “I want to make sure it’s affordable and available,” says Anderson, 36. “I can’t wait for it to come out so I can get the clothes for myself and my friends. It’s been a lot of work.”

SUPPORTED: Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez showed up together on Sunday at a West Hollywood political fundraiser for Democratic presidential hopeful Gen. Wesley Clark, reports The Washington Post, which quotes another attendee as saying that the two were very lovey-dovey. Ben and Jen also reportedly spoke to Clark for about 15 minutes. (The general and his wife have been married for more than 36 yeas, the paper slyly notes.)

HOSPITALIZED: “Bat Out of Hell” rock star Meat Loaf, 56, was taken to a hospital in London after collapsing in the middle of Monday night’s concert at Wembley Arena, his record company says. The American singer “collapsed from exhaustion due to a prolonged viral infection. It is not life-threatening,” a spokesman said. His sold-out concert Tuesday night has been canceled on doctors’ orders.

SCHEDULED: Showtime has moved up the airdate of “The Reagans,” the controversial miniseries CBS passed on earlier this month. The movie will air at 8 p.m. on Nov. 30 in one block running two hours, 50 minutes, says the Hollywood Reporter. Some of the film’s more controversial elements, reportedly including the president’s supposed damning remark about AIDS victims, have been deleted. Judy Davis and James Brolin star as Nancy and Ronald Reagan.

NAMED: Michael Douglas, 59, will receive the Hollywood Foreign Press Association’s 2004 Cecil B. DeMille Award at the 61st annual Golden Globe Awards on Jan. 25, reports Variety. Recent previous recipients include Gene Hackman, Harrison Ford, Al Pacino and Barbra Streisand. In addition, the press association announced that Lily Costner, daughter of Kevin Costner and Cindy Silva, will serve as Miss Golden Globe.