April 02, 2002 03:00 PM

FILED: The family of the late Susan Santodonato, 11, is suing upstate New York radio station WMRV-FM and its parent companies for $1.2 billion for the station’s having faked a appearance of Britney Spears, reports the Associated Press. Santodonato died in June 2000 after falling in the station’s parking lot as a result of the chaos when a Spears appearance was staged, claim her parents’ legal papers. (The station only aired a prerecorded interview and then had an imposter climb into a limo.) No criminal charges were ever filed by prosecutors, and the station’s parent company has not commented on the suit . . . OPENED: Paul McCartney, 59, performed to a sold-out crowd of 15,000 mostly graying fans in Oakland, Calif., Monday night, reports the AP. His 2 1/2-hour set included Beatles tunes such as “Getting Better,” which McCartney claimed had never before been performed in concert . . . SUCCUMBED: Barbra Streisand’s mother, Diana Streisand Kind, 93, died last Wednesday after complications from a fall at her L.A. home, the star’s publicist told the AP Monday. Kind had worked in the New York City school system and was said to have had a beautiful voice . . . OFFERED: Playboy magazine has invited the women involved in the Enron scandal to pose nude for its pages, The New York Times reported Monday. By Monday afternoon, the editors of Playgirl magazine had made the same offer to the men of Enron, reports Reuters. (Playboy and Playgirl are not related.) “We heard a lot about the men of Enron, ” said Playgirl editor-in-chief Michele Zipp, “and we heard that they’re wild, so we’ll see.”

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