February 20, 2002 01:00 PM

SCRATCHED: “Rush Hour 2” star Jackie Chan, 47, suffered a minor facial injury while performing a stunt during the shooting of his new movie, “Highbinders,” outside of Bangkok, Thailand, the Associated Press reports. Chan, who does his own stunts, ended up in the hospital for four hours, said Robert Lee, a spokesman for Chan. The star, who’s no stranger to scrapes and breaks, was back to work on Tuesday . . . ORDERED: “Philly” star Kim Delaney, 40, was sentenced to two years summary probation, fined $300 and ordered to complete a safe-driving class after her lawyer on Tuesday entered a plea of no contest to reckless driving, reports the AP. The actress did not appear in the Malibu courtroom. Delaney was arrested Jan. 26 for investigation of drunken driving after a motorist called 911 to report a vehicle traveling erratically, then followed it to the actress’s Malibu home. She was arrested there after the motorist identified Delaney as the car’s driver . . . DECIDED: The Los Angeles jury in a $1 million lawsuit against James Brown, 68, ruled Tuesday that the singer did not sexually harass a former employee, reports the AP. But the jury said that Brown’s company wrongfully fired Lisa Agbalaya in 1999, when she was president of the West Coast office of James Brown Enterprises. Agbalaya had claimed that the “Godfather of Soul” dismissed her after she rebuffed his advances . . . ANNOUNCED: On April 15, which is the dreaded day that Americans must file their IRS returns, the British rock band Oasis will release its first new single in nearly two years, the group has announced. “The Hindu Times” is to be the first track off Oasis’s fifth studio album, which is scheduled to be out in July. The band is also wrapping up plans for a world tour.

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