By Stephen M. Silverman
Updated July 21, 2003 08:56 AM

REMOVED: In before-and-after photos that appear in Monday’s New York Daily News, Latin crooner Enrique Iglesias, 28, is shown at a California concert Saturday without his longstanding facial mole to the immediate right of his nose. Representatives for the singer previously denied that anything had been done to his face, but there’s no new comment from the Iglesias camp on the singer’s new mole-less look.

DISMISSED: Malibu Superior Court judge Lawrence Mira on Friday dismissed as unfounded an anonymous claim that actor Nick Nolte, 62, violated his probation last month for driving under the influence of drugs, reports Reuters. Nolte could have faced six months in jail if prosecutors had substantiated a phone tip claiming he had been seen, apparently drunk, buying liquor in the San Francisco Bay area in June, and driving away with a passenger inside the vehicle.

DIED: Convicted imposter David Hampton, 36, who served as the inspiration for the John Guare play (and movie) “Six Degrees of Separation,” has died of AIDS, according to published reports. Hampton passed himself off in New York social circles as being the son of Hollywood star Sidney Poitier, and often scammed his victims out of thousands of dollars. He spent 21 months in jail for burglary, but then sued Guare for $100 million. He lost the case.

SOLD: A pair of President John F. Kennedy‘s Navy boxer shorts sold for $5,000 at an auction Saturday, reports Reuters. But the real eyebrow-raiser was an online bid for a personal notebook used during the 1960 presidential campaign. The bidder thought her winning bid was for $2,250 — not the actual high bid of $22,500. She is hoping to back out of the bid, though no decision by the auction house has been reached.