June 25, 2002 11:53 AM

SETTLED: Tom Cruise and Steven Spielberg’s “Minority Report” emerged the winner in the hotly contested race to be No. 1 at last weekend’s box office, reports Variety. It grossed $35.7 million, compared to the $35.3 million brought in by Disney’s animated “Lilo & Stitch.” Disney had disputed initial box office estimates for the sci-fi film, though industry observers note that “Lilo” was probably seen by more people than “Minority Report” last weekend, but that the box-office numbers are lower simply because a lot of the viewers bought child-priced tickets. . . . SOUGHT: Former New York City First lady Donna Hanover, 52, asked an appeals court on Monday to delay her divorce from ex-Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, 58, claiming that her estranged husband is sluggish in turning over financial documents, reports New York’s Daily News. The case is supposed to go before the judge on July 10. Giuliani’s attorney, Raoul Felder, opposes the delay, says the News. A decision on whether to postpone is due by July 3. . . . MARKED: Possibly the most famous roller coaster in the nation, Coney Island’s wood-and-steel-framed Cyclone in New York, will turn 75 on Wednesday, notes The New York Times. (It has been an official city landmark since 1988.) A ceremony is to be held, reports the paper, though it doesn’t mention what will happen. One thing is for sure, though: Someone will toss his cookies. Happy Birthday, you wonderful thing, you.

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