By Stephen M. Silverman
Updated April 18, 2002 10:29 AM

SLATED: French-speaking Canadian diva Celine Dion, 32, will headline the Billboard Latin Music Awards May 12 in Miami, reports the Associated Press. Her “My Heart Will Go On,” from the 1997 movie “Titanic,” is the only English-language song to ever top Billboard’s Hot Latin Tracks chart . . . APPOINTED: Sharon Stone, 44, and Michelle Yeoh, 39, will participate in the nine-member international jury at the May 15-26 Cannes Film Festival in the South of France, reports Reuters. “Mulholland Drive” director David Lynch, 56, will head the jury . . . CHOSEN: Given the honor of naming a newly discovered species of Tanzanian butterfly, actor and environmentalist Harrison Ford, 59, named the butterfly Georgia, after his 11-year-old daughter, reports USA Today. (Only 12 such butterflies are known to exist, all of them male.) Meanwhile, Ford will be paid tribute April 25 at the African Rainforest Conservancy’s annual benefit in New York . . . SOLD: A photo taken by Yoko Ono of John Lennon’s blood-stained eyeglasses from when he was fatally shot outside his New York apartment building in 1980 was purchased by an anonymous buyer at an auction in London Wednesday for about $13,000, reports Reuters. The photo, one of only six copies, was put up for sale by Johnnie Walker, a fund-raiser for the non-profit Artist Residencies of Tokyo (ART), which aids Japanese artists. Walker originally bought the print from Ono, now 69, in a private sale and agreed to abide by her wish that he would only ever sell it to help ART. No word if he is related to the whiskey Johnnie Walker.