By Stephen M. Silverman
Updated February 06, 2002 12:10 PM

WED: Singer-actress Brandy, 22, revealed in a statement Tuesday that she married music producer Robert Smith, age unreported, last year. “I’ve fallen in love with a very warm, gentle, understanding and focused person,” she said. “This summer we married quietly. A new experience, a new day for me — I couldn’t be happier!” . . . SPLIT: Nicolas Cage, 38, and Lisa Marie Presley, 34, ended their 10-month relationship two weeks ago, their reps confirmed for USA Today. A statement issued on behalf of the couple said the two “hope to remain friendly” . . . REVISED: Ariz. Republican Sen. John McCain, 65, after saying that a lesion removed from his nose on Monday was not cancerous, admitted that he made a mistake. “He misspoke,” a spokeswoman for his office told the Associated Press. The lesion was cancerous, she said, though doctors are confident that the senator will make a full recovery . . . DIED: Universal Studios contract player George Nader, 80, who starred in the 1953 cult movie “Robot Monster,” died on Monday from pneumonia at the Motion Picture Country Home near L.A., a spokesman told Reuters. Nader was long believed to have taken a career fall when Confidential magazine threatened to publish the news that Rock Hudson was gay and, supposedly, Universal offered the mag the revelation about the lesser known Nader instead. Nader subsequently spent several years making movies in Europe. He and Hudson also became friends, and Nader was an heir to Hudson’s estate . . . MARKED: Former President Ronald Reagan’s 91st birthday is being celebrated Wednesday. The landmark makes him America’s oldest living President. The ex-Chief Executive is “sick and weak” from the ravages of Alzheimer’s disease, Reagan biographer Peggy Noonan said on New York’s WNBC morning news broadcast Wednesday . . . BORN: Oscar-winning screenwriter Ernest Lehman (“North By Northwest,” “The Sound of Music”), 86, and wife Laurie, 35, welcomed son Jonathan Maxwell on Jan. 31 in Los Angeles, reports Variety. All three are said to be doing well . . . TRANSFORMED: On Friday night, with the opening of the Winter Olympics, NBC will remove the red, white and blue coloring adorning its on-air Peacock “bug,” the network has announced. The flag color scheme took effect shortly after the Sept. 11 attacks. (Other networks made similar patriotic gestures.) The peacock will resume its normal hues . . . REUNITED: The stars of the 1961-66 CBS sitcom “Mr. Ed,” Alan Young, 82, who played Wilbur Post, and Connie Hines, 66, who played Wilbur’s wife Carol, appear in director Jim Langlois’s first feature, “Em & Me,” which will premiere Wednesday night at the N.Y. Intl. Independent Film & Video Festival, reports Variety columnist Army Archerd. Young has the more substantial role, with Hines just doing a cameo, says Archerd. No word on what the horse is up to.