Partying with Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise and Russell Crowe proved they were good sports at Tuesday’s London premiere of Cruise’s “Mission: Impossible 2.” The guys spent more than 20 minutes meeting and greeting 3,000 admirers chanting “Tom, Tom, Tom” outside the theater. Tom even answered a cell phone belonging to one of the attendees — much to the surprise of the teen’s mother, who was on the receiving end. Crowe skipped the post-screening party but Tom danced part of the night the night away with his costar Thandie Newton, who now happens to be pregnant with her first child. (Mrs. Cruise, Nicole Kidman, is reportedly in Spain, filming a new movie.) By 11:30, Tom was headed back to his suite at the Dorchester Hotel, telling those outside: “It’s not often I get out like this these days . . . The people in London are unique and they made me feel wonderful.”

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