December 29, 2004 03:00 PM

After a bad breakup two months before their son was born, Mary-Louise Parker and Billy Crudup are now working together to raise their 1-year-old son William.

The pair, who dated for eight years, remain estranged but have put a hold on their differences – and kept custody issues out of court. It’s “for the sake of the baby,” Parker’s rep tells PEOPLE.

So much so that Parker, who won an Emmy for her role in Angels in America planned to bring William to Texas to visit with Crudup and his father.

“It was a gesture of solidarity on her part,” says a Crudup friend. “They are figuring out a way to coexist.”

Parker, 40 and Crudup, 36, met in 1996 while costarring in Bus Stop on Broadway. Crudup is currently dating actress Claire Danes, with whom he costarred in Strange Beauty. The pair began their romance shortly after Crudup’s relationship with Parker ended.

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