Many of Paris Hilton’s personal belongings – including photos, journals and clothing – have been removed from a Los Angeles-area storage facility without the socialite’s permission and are being sold for a reported asking price of $20 million.

“We learned the items were missing last Thursday,” Hilton spokesman Elliot Mintz tells PEOPLE. “The people who have the items claim they purchased them at auction because the (storage) bills were not paid. Our records indicate all invoices have been paid.”

Regarding the missing content, Mintz explains that the 24-year-old Simple Life star was “was moving from one house to another house. So it was virtually all the items from the one house.” This included clothing, videotapes and private diaries, he says.

Phoenix-based broker David Hans Schmidt – who’s been nicknamed the “Sultan of Sleaze” for his involvement with celebrity porn – is seeking to sell the items at auction with an asking price of $20 million, the Los Angeles Times reports in its Friday morning editions.

Schmidt claims the items were purchased for $2,775 last November when the contents of the storage facility were sold off.

Although Hilton was featured in an infamous homemade videotape with former beau Rick Solomon a few years back, Mintz says the current crop of pictures and videos mostly consist of “private photos of Paris with her friends and family. People will speculate about the nature of intimacy. The way it has been described to me is that there is not anything (of a sexual nature).”

Mintz adds, “The same with the video tapes (they do) not resemble the unpleasant tapes in the years past.

Although Mintz tells the Times he cannot comment on Schmidt’s offerings because he has not seen them, the rep tells PEOPLE about Hilton’s reaction to the situation: “Concerned is putting it mildly. First she is angry. She feels she has been violated. She’s the victim once again. For reasons beyond her control, without her knowledge, she is faced once again with this kind of public humiliation.”

On the legal front, he also says, “She is moving with attorneys, and we are trying to come up with an equitable solution to the matter.”

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