Plus: She looks "so beautiful," says a pal who visited the heiress in jail

By Stephen M. Silverman
Updated June 19, 2007 08:50 AM

Tough as it may be, Paris Hilton has gotten into the routine of being in jail, say her parents.

“I think she’s adjusting to it,” Rick Hilton told Greta Van Susteren on her FOX News program On The Record Monday night.

“She sees a light at the end of the tunnel,” he added. “She has been there for quite a while, and I think she’s doing, considering the circumstances, very well.”

Observes the heiress’s mom, Kathy Hilton, “She’s settling in.”

When it comes to how Paris spends her time, her mother said, “Somebody sent her family photos, and she tried to put some on the wall, and the guard came in and ripped them off so she’s reading a lot of her fan mail and family letters and friends and basically just reading and just sitting there, thinking.”

Asked by Van Susteren about what Paris is thinking, Kathy said, ” I just think what she wants to do with her life and the changes that she wants to make. And you know, as she had said before, she’s never been alone. So this is, as she calls it, a real time-out.”

Hilton’s Jail Style

Far from the disheveled mess that others have described, this weekend Paris looked more like her glamorous self in jail, a friend tells PEOPLE.

“She looked so beautiful,” says actress Julie Araskog, who visited the jail in Lynwood on Saturday with Paris’s sister Nicky.

Paris was wearing an orange uniform and had her hair pulled back, Araskog says. “It felt surreal, like a movie. No make-up; she is naturally beautiful. I was stunned. She was as beautiful as she is with make-up.”

A Royal Well-Wisher

Add another famous name to the list of people offering good will to Paris Hilton and her family: The Duchess of York.

Dining with three of her godchildren in Beverly Hills Sunday, Sarah Ferguson spotted Rick and Kathy Hilton, whom she had met on several occasions.

According to a friend of the duchess, Fergie offered Kathy her “support and strength, from one mother to another.”

She also told the Hiltons that, while she wouldn’t wish jail on anyone, their daughter’s experience could be “the making of Paris,” the pal says, adding: “She hopes that some good will come of it, and this is what she told them.”

According to the source, Fergie also sent a sympathetic note to Paris herself. Although the former royal doesn’t condone Paris’s violating probation, the pal says, “She knows that you hit obstacles in life and that you can pull out of them.”