The first thing Paris wants to do when she gets out of jail Tuesday, says a pal, is "eat!"

By Howard Breuer Ulrica Wihlborg
June 24, 2007 05:55 PM

Paris Hilton got a visit from actress Ashley Scott (TV’s Jericho) on Sunday night – her final visit before she .

Scott, 29, arrived around 7:15 and stayed for 45 minutes. Was it an emotional visit? “Yes, of course,” she said afterwards. “You can’t touch or hug. It’s hard.”

What’s the first thing Paris wants to do after being released? “Eat!” said Scott. “She’s looking forward to eating.”

The actress added that jail hadn’t taken a toll on her friend’s physical appearance: “She looks gorgeous!” she said. “She looks stunning.”

Her mindset right now? “She’s learned a lot about herself,” said Scott. “She’s strong. She’s very excited about getting out and eating a good meal.”

Earlier in the weekend, Paris also received a visit from her mother, who said her daughter was in good shape but frustrated.

“I think she’s very, very excited to see the family,” Kathy Hilton, 48, accompanied by two assistants, told PEOPLE as she entered the Lynwood, Calif., lockup on Saturday before spending an hour inside.

“Paris is doing really well, she is really looking forward to going home, and she thanks you in the press who supported her,” a family spokeswoman said afterwards. “She wants to be with the family and she can’t wait to take that orange suit off.”

The visitors said Paris pressed her hands against the glass in the visiting area, frustrated she couldn’t hug her mother.

Kathy Hilton also told PEOPLE that Paris appears to be in good shape – though she is upset with her situation.

“She’s sick of orange,” says her mother. But, Kathy Hilton added, her daughter’s “health is good. She looks … like Paris.”

On Friday, sheriff’s officials announced that the socialite will leave jail on Tuesday after serving 23 days of the original 45-day sentence imposed by a judge for her having violated probation related to driving repeatedly with a suspended license in an alcohol-related case.

Following her sentencing on May 4, Hilton, 26, reported for jail late the night of June 3 after attending the MTV Movie Awards.