Paris Jackson's Speech Hit Close to Home for Kim Kardashian

Speaking at her own dad's funeral was the hardest thing she's ever done, says the star

Photo: Mark Terrill/Getty, INF

When Kim Kardashian watched Paris Jackson’s tearful tribute to her father at his public memorial Monday, Kardashian could identify with the little girl’s feeling better than most.

“I thought it was very moving and very brave of her,” Kardashian, who spoke at her own famous father Robert Kardashian’s 2003 funeral, told PEOPLE Thursday at the Three-O Vodka launch party in New York.

“That was the hardest thing I ever had to do,” added Kardashian. “I couldn’t remember anything and I was shaking and it was really, really tough, and I was 22. [Paris is] only 11, and I thought it was very courageous of her to get up there.”

Despite the difficulty, Kardashian says speaking publicly was good for her then and is good for Paris now. “I was so glad I spoke at my father’s funeral even though I was really nervous and I thought I couldn’t do it,” she told PEOPLE. “At the end of the day, you have that one opportunity to do that, and you want to say how you feel. She lived in the moment. I think it was really well said, and she did the best she could.”

Paris’s moving speech about Michael Jackson was just one part of a tribute that Kardashian says was fit for the King of Pop. “Everyone was sharing their most special moments with him and everyone was laughing and crying, and there was every emotion in that room. It was so special, and I’m so glad that I went.”
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