June 14, 2007 08:45 AM

Paris Hilton was transferred out of the medical center at L.A.’s Twin Towers Correctional Facility and back into the Century Regional Detention Center in Lynwood, Calif., on Wednesday night, with authorities saying she’s in “stable” condition.

The facility is the same place the 26-year-old heiress began her sentence on June 3. She is scheduled to be released June 25, according to Sheriff’s Department spokesperson Steve Whitmore.

Lt. Daryl Meeks, speaking to the Associated Press, wouldn’t elaborate on where Hilton was being housed, but during her initial stay she was confined to a 12-by-8-foot cell in the so-called “high power” pod, reserved for high-profile inmates and those who need extra protection.

Whitmore said at a Thursday press conference that Hilton’s transfer was “a step down,” and it had been determined her “medical condition is stable. She was moved last night at 10:55.”

Describing the area where Hilton is now located, Whitmore said, “It’s about 15 beds – there are two separate cells in the clinic that are single occupancy. She’s in one of them because of the administration segregation. … This is a 24/7, day by day situation. The whole goal, as the sheriff pointed out, is to stabalize the inmate so they can reenter where they were before.”

Thursday marks the beginning of the twelfth day of Hilton’s sentence for violating probation. She is serving a minimum 23-day sentence under a jail policy that encourages good behavior.

Hilton became the center of a storm of controversy after she was reassigned to house arrest due to an undisclosed medical condition (she was soon ordered back to jail and sent to the Twin Towers’ medical unit).

Although Sheriff Lee Baca alluded to Hilton’s suffering “various psychological and psychiatric issues,” their exact nature was not specified. But a source tells PEOPLE Hilton has attention deficit disorder, and a family friend says Hilton experienced claustrophobia in her jail cell, adding that during her 74 hours in county lockup, “She practically had a nervous breakdown.”

Whatever treatment she was receiving at Twin Towers appeared to be agreeing with her: She told Barbara Walters by phone Sunday night that she had become more spiritual, and her mother said she was starting to get her appetite back. “She was very happy,” Kathy Hilton told reporters after a visit on Tuesday. “She wants to just do her time and get on with it.”

But Hilton’s stay in Twin Towers was not without its own minor scandals: Both her parents and her sister Nicky were accused of line-jumping when they visited her this week.

Reporting by KEN LEE and JED DREBEN

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