Her ultimate goal, she says, is "to build an empire ... I want to make my own name"

With her new movie, House of Wax, opening on Friday, Paris Hilton is getting down to business … not only shedding Nicole Richie as her partner on TV’s The Simple Life, but switching publicists and stepping up her fragrance and jewelry lines – and recording an album.

Speaking to The New York Times about her plans, Hilton, 24, says: “I’m glad I got the partying out of my system when I was young, because now I’m so over it and I can focus on my career.”

Her goal, she says, is “to build an empire. I don’t want to be known as this Hilton hotel girl my whole life. I want to make my own name.”

So potent is her name already, The Times reports, that for 20-minute personal appearances at parties she is paid between $150,000 and $200,000. “If it’s in Japan I get more,” she says.

Still ahead: a makeup line for women and a fragrance for men “so hot that when guys wear it it makes girls want them,” she says (it’s due next month); a line of Hilton handbags; a fashion label; an energy drink; and, in keeping with her bloodline, a chain of boutique hotels. “It will be pink and hot,” she says of the Hotel Paris.

Her album will be a collaboration with Lil Jon, who produced Usher’s “Yeah!”, The Times reports. As for the early reviews of House of Wax, not so much a remake of the 1953 Vincent Price horror movie as it is a contemporary slasher flick, Hilton tells the New York Post: “Ours is much hotter, because Vincent Prince is not as hot as me and Elisha Cuthbert.”

Still, that’s her opinion. The trade paper Variety calls the movie (which was delayed from its original release date last year), “direly predictable, with candle-drip pacing and a pervasive unpleasantness.”

The Hollywood Reporter is slightly kinder, saying of Paris’s acting that she’s “so bad she steals the show.”