Paris Hilton's Barking Birthday Gift from Beau

The Hill's Doug Reinhardt gave Hilton a baby teacup Pomeranian for her 28th

Photo: Charles Eshelman/FilmMagic

Paris Hilton has a new baby! Don’t jump to conclusions, though – this one’s covered in fur and has four legs.

Paris’s newest beau, The Hill‘s Doug Reinhardt, gave Hilton a baby teacup Pomeranian for her birthday, along with many other gifts, said the heiress, who turned 28 on Feb. 17.

“He probably got me more presents than any guy ever,” she said in Las Vegas before a belated birthday celebration Saturday at the Hard Rock Hotel’s Body English. “He’s sweet.”

Her affection for Reinhardt, who’s previously been linked to Lauren Conrad, was on full display over the weekend. On Friday at Ago, the couple stayed close, kissed and held hands throughout dinner as her party of 25 people looked on.

At Body English, the couple even smooched on stage for all to see.

Though the relationship is still in its beginning stages, Reinhardt said it’s already serious. “I think so,” he said when asked. “She’s a very amazing girl.”

Earning brownie points, he added, “She’s the most beautiful girl on the planet. She’s amazing, both inside and out.”

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