Dancing seductively at Les Deux, she visits her first hot spot since leaving jail

By Jennifer Garcia
July 07, 2007 04:00 PM

Paris Hilton hit the hot spot Les Deux for a girls’ night out, her first visit to a club since being released from jail.

The heiress arrived at the Hollywood club a little before midnight Friday with a group including her sister Nicky and Erin Foster (daughter of music producer David Foster).

Wearing a gray sleeved shirt and black fedora, Paris, 26, sat at a table protected by two bodyguards who struggled to keep fans from snapping pictures.

She later stood on a couch and – with most eyes on her – danced seductively against a wall with an arm extended up in the air, singing the words to every song that played, including her own single, “Stars Are Blind.”

“Paris was super happy and full of smiles,” says one clubgoer. “She was laughing, having fun, drinking, dancing, singing along to songs, talking to everyone and hugging all the girls at her table.”

Once a fixture at clubs, Hilton had not been spotted on the town until Friday night since she was released from jail after serving more than three weeks for a probation violation in an alcohol-related driving case.

She told PEOPLE just hours after her release that she had learned “there is so much more to life than that whole club scene,” but that she wasn’t going to give it up entirely.

“I’ve been doing it for a long time. It’s fun. I’m a social person. I love music. I love to dance. I love to hang out with my friends,” she said. “But that’s not what I care about as much anymore. Obviously I’ll still go out sometimes. I’m young and I like to be social, but I’m going to focus more on my work.”