Paris Hilton Caught on Bootleg Sex Tape

Socialite Paris Hilton — who’s already suffered the indignity of having a graphic photo of her exiting a car without any underwear circulated around the globe — is now starring in an amateur film much like the infamous Pamela Anderson-Tommy Lee marriage tape, reports the New York Post.

The video, reportedly shot in 2000, features the now 22-year-old hotel heiress and Shannen Doherty’s off-again, on-again husband, Rick Solomon, now 33, in a variety of X-rated, compromising positions.

Doherty and Solomon split up after the tape was made but have since reconciled. Hilton is said to be in Australia and unavailable for comment.

An anonymous person, who may be planning to sell the tape over the Internet, has allegedly been circulating the tape among members of the media.

According to Reuters, a rep for Hilton, confirming the existence of the tape, says: “This was something she did with Rick while they were dating after he was no longer with Shannen, and it was something that was intended for their own personal use.”

The rep continued: “This tape was never intended to be viewed by the public, and it is in poor taste that someone has decided to release it.”

According to a statement from Paris’s parents published in Thursday’s New York Post: “The Hilton family is greatly saddened at how low human beings will stoop to exploit their daughter Paris, who is sweet-natured, for their own self-promotion, as well as profit motives. … Anyone in any way involved in this video is guilty of criminal activity, and will be … vigorously prosecuted.”

Meanwhile, in related news, FOX has canceled its series “Skin,” about a star-crossed romance between a pornographer’s daughter and a district attorney’s son, after only three episodes. In its place, the network will run back-to-back episodes of its ailing “Joe Millionaire” from 8-10 p.m. EST on Nov. 10 and 17, leading into the reality series’ two-hour finale Nov. 24.

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