Paris Hilton Brings Holiday Cheer to Berlin

In town to shoot some ads, the hotel heiress will take in the party scene, too

Photo: Visual/Flynet

Paris Hilton is in Berlin for a quick pre-holiday trip, to shoot new ads for the sparkling wine she endorses – and perhaps find the man of her dreams.

Hilton, 26, and her 18 suitcases arrived Tuesday just before 5 p.m. The hotel heiress checked into a 1,700-sq.-ft. room at the local Hilton.

After some publicity work Wednesday, she’s expected to indulge in some shopping and partying before the RICH Prosecco ad shoot on Thursday morning. (Meanwhile, making the rounds is a saucy shot of a gold-plated Paris, said to be for the label on the bottle of the bubbly.)

“I’ll definitely be checking out the club scene,” the socialite tells the German edition of Vanity Fair, before giving her thoughts on German politics – or at least the chancellor’s hairstyle. “I find that Angela Merkel is an especially attractive woman,” she says, “but in my opinion her hair could use a few blond highlights.”

Hilton also told a local paper she’s also in the market for Christmas ornaments – and maybe a bigger present, too. Asked what she really wants for the upcoming holiday, she replied, “A man to fall in love with, one for life, that I can start a family with.”

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