Plus, the heiress praises her boyfriend for "how he's always there for me"

By Brian Orloff
Updated May 23, 2008 01:50 PM
Gilbert Flores/Celebrity Photo

Paris Hilton is blogging about her MTV reality show – and getting a little help online from boyfriend Benji Madden.

In a new post on her MySpace Celebrity blog, the heiress talks about the selection process as she interviews contestants to be her new best friend, while Madden offers some photo evidence on his own blog.

“I met all the contestants on Wednesday night,” Hilton writes in her message, titled “Hi :).” ” I had them all meet me at the club Les Deux. I was a little nervous at first cause I always get shy meeting new people. But everyone ended up being very sweet, cool and fun to be around.”

As part of the show, Hilton hired a team of stylists to give her contestants makeovers. She calls the results “astonishing.”

Makeovers aside, Hilton says she “feel[s] like I’ve made friends with some of these people already.” Still, she reserves her most tender words for Madden.

“I love how he’s always there for me,” she writes. “He always knows how to make me smile. Life is amazing, couldn’t be happier, excited for what the future holds.”

Meanwhile, in his blog, Madden offers his rave review – in addition to those pictures.

“We had a fun night watching them shoot the show,” he writes. “I can’t ruin the surprise too much with the show but I can tell you it’s really funny.”