Paris Hilton: Baby Harlow Looks Like Both Her Parents

The heiress opens up about a sleepover with Nicole Richie and her newborn

Photo: INF

Daddy Joel Madden already said that his new daughter, Harlow Winter, looks “so much like her mom it’s crazy.” But Nicole Richie‘s pal Paris Hilton thinks the newborn takes after both her parents.

“She looks like a miniature version of Nicole and Joel,” the heiress told during a party for the new BlackBerry smartphone in New York. “We had a sleepover on Sunday night at Nicole’s mom’s house,” Hilton continued. “I was crying when I saw her . . . I am so happy for them.”

While the heiress was tight-lipped about whether or not she would be Harlow’s godmother, Hilton is talking about other things, including her upcoming film The Hottie and the Nottie. She recently taped an appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman – and reportedly made nice with the talk show host – scheduled to air this Friday.
Brian Orloff

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