Hilton and Nicole Richie will take the bus for the third season of their FOX show

By Zorianna Kit and Todd Peterson
Updated October 26, 2004 08:00 AM

Traveling in style this ain’t.

Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton are coming back for a third installment of FOX’s The Simple Life, and this time the comfort-quotient will be knocked back even further.

For the third installment of their adventures, Richie and Hilton will be traveling via Greyhound around the northeast section of the country. And this won’t be any specially outfitted, fancy bus, either. Just your standard, seat-stained coach.

The trek, which is slated to begin shooting Wednesday, will reportedly last a month. Along the way, the pair will stop to work a variety of different jobs, from blue collar to managerial.

“It’ll be more of an indoor (thing) as opposed to hard labor,” a source close to the show told PEOPLE recently. “They’ll likely work as interns at different places.”

One place they won’t be working is the Wall Street Journal. Producers contacted the newspaper to see if the girls could spend the day xeroxing, but the Journal declined and offered them free subscriptions instead.

Meanwhile, the passengers who will accompany Hilton and Richie will be regular Greyhound patrons who just happen to be traveling in the same direction as Hilton and Richie.

The move to Greyhound may be an attempt to keep Hilton out from behind the wheel. In seasons one and two she drove – often scarily so.