Just when you thought there wasn’t anything to Paris Hilton that you hadn’t already seen, her ex-beau Rick Salomon is telling just about anyone who will listen that the couple’s now-infamous 2001 sexual liaison is available in its entirety via the Internet.

Salomon tells the New York Post that he’s the person behind a new Web site that offers a download of the complete tape — 37 minutes in all — for $50. “I own the tape. I made the video. I own the rights,” he said.

Salomon, 35, claims some 50,000 people a day have downloaded the video since he launched it last Wednesday, on a Czech-based site run by his brother, Jim, New York’s Daily News reports.

The ex-husband of “Charmed” star Shannen Doherty insists that he’s not trying to be malicious with the video. He merely wanted to protect himself against allegations by the Hilton family, he says.

“They all made an alliance,” he claims, referring to Paris’s family, the assistant who he says stole the tape from him and a porn company that originally put a four-minute preview clip on the Internet.

“They were all working together to bury me,” he tells the Post. “So I thought, ‘You know what? I’ll just put it out.'”

No word yet from Hilton’s camp about Salomon’s new site. But just last week, Hilton filed a $30-million lawsuit against a Panama-based Internet company claiming it was illegally distributing the video.

When the tape first surfaced last year, Salomon filed his own lawsuit against the Hiltons, alleging that the family slandered him by suggesting Paris was a victim and unwilling participant in the video. “If (the tape) hadn’t come out, I’d have looked like a rapist,” Salomon told the Post.

“I have no hard feelings against Paris,” he told the Post. “Her parents are brutal, though. She’ll probably hate me after this, but what are you gonna do?”