Plus: Heidi Montag, Paula Abdul and more check on friends, fans when rattled by the 4.7 quake in L.A.

Credit: Rick Diamond/WireImage

Sunday night’s 4.7 earthquake may have rattled Los Angeles, but its reverberations are being felt online as stars – everyone from Miley to Lindsay – have taken to their Twitter or MySpace pages to report and react. Some weren’t even in town for the quake, but took time to check on their friends and fans or just offer their support. Here is a smattering of celebrity reactions from across the Web:

• “So scary, just heard about the Earthquake back home in LA. ? Hope everyone and their families are safe and not hurt. So Scary!! :(” – Paris Hilton, who is currently in Cannes, wrote on her official Twitter page.

• ” Earthquake!! We were relaxing at home watching TV and the building started rocking. We are fine! :)” – Lauren Conrad wrote on her official MySpace Celebrity blog to reassure fans she was safe.

• ” wow just landed in ny and heard there was an earthquake in la!” – Heidi Montag, who was visiting New York to appear on Live with Regis and Kelly, wrote on her official Twitter page.

• “Earthquake scared me!” – Lindsay Lohan wrote on her Twitter account.

• “did anyone else feel the earthquake. 5.0!!!” – Miley Cyrus, who spent the weekend in the Bahamas, wrote on her Twitter account.

• “Who else felt the shaking last night in LA?” – Paula Abdul, asked fans on her Twitter page.

Were you affected?