"She's always been that kind of person to help," says Sarah Ray's mother, Marcy Martin
Credit: Montgomery County

Sarah Ray never could have expected that her intimate nuptials in Clarksville, Tennessee, would become the most talked-about wedding of the weekend.

On Oct. 3, Sarah and her new husband, Paul Ray, were packing up their car after their wedding ceremony to head to the reception with their close friends and family.

“Paul then got a phone call that my dad and grandparents had been in a car accident just down the road,” Ray tells PEOPLE. “They were on the way to the reception.”

Without thinking twice, Sarah, who also happens to be a paramedic, headed to the scene just a couple miles away – wearing her wedding dress.

Right away, she knew her dad and grandfather were alright as they stood by the car, but her grandmother was in an ambulance.

Sarah’s mother, Marcy Martin, who happens to be a photographer, took a picture of her daughter that has since gone viral.

“Everyone is calling me this hero for rushing to the scene in my dress,” says Sarah. “But really, I would have pulled over in my wedding dress for anyone if I saw a car wreck.”

When she realized that her grandmother, June Irish, was going to be alright, she sat with her in the ambulance and Irish told her that she felt bad about ruining her wedding day.

“I told her that is the last thing she did,” says Sarah. “This was just one part of the day and it could have been much worse. But I hate that this happened to her, especially she came to my wedding from out of town.”

For Martin, she is far from surprised that her daughter got to the scene, hiked up her dress and ran in the rain to check on her family.

“She has always been very calm, very level-headed and helpful,” Martin tells PEOPLE. “Even when she was younger she was like this. When she 16, she saved her sister from drowning when she had a seizure.”

Martin adds: “She doesn t react. She just takes care of her business.”

And since everyone involved in the accident is okay, Sarah says she can laugh about the now-famous picture.

“My dress was a mess. It was dirty from the rain and the fluids from the car,” she says. “My grandfather went to the hospital with my grandmother, but my dad shook it off and came to the reception.”

They still got to have their father-daughter dance and the rest of the day went off without a hitch.

But Sarah does want the public to know one thing: “I’m not a hero,” she says. “They were already being taken care of. I just wanted to make sure they were okay.”