June 09, 2016 02:00 PM

Macy Huff practiced for months to surprise her senior class at graduation.

The Ben Davis High School grad was left paralyzed from the neck down after a cheerleading accident three years ago. The 18-year-old, who uses a wheelchair to get around, spent countless hours working with her physical therapist in the hope that she could walk across her graduation stage to accept her diploma this year.

When the big day finally arrived, the entire Indianapolis, Indiana, audience was shocked to see Macy stand up from her wheelchair and use a rocker to make her way across the platform.

When the announcer called her name, students and parents applauded and cheered.

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“Go Macy!” someone in the crowd shouted, encouraging the smiling teen as she slowly rose from her chair.

In 2013, Macy was demonstrating a routine flip at Ben Davis’ cheerleading tryouts when her footing slipped – and the athlete landed on her head instead of her back.

“Mentally, I knew I was paralyzed. It was just my first thought. I didn’t know what being paralyzed would entail. But I learned very quickly,” she told the Indianapolis Star.

After three years of intense physical therapy, Macy is now able to climb in her bed, brush her teeth and brush her hair, according to the newspaper.

“I just started living my new life. I started trying to figure out what I was going to need to do to be successful. I just had to fight and stay positive. People still ask me how I coped with all of that. I don’t know. It just happened,” Macy said.

Macy, a member of the National Honor Society, will attend Franklin College in the fall.

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