Paralyzed Girl Surprises Nurse by Walking for the First Time in 11 Days (VIDEO)

Bailey Miller was mysteriously paralyzed from the waist down


Becky Miller’s daughter Bailey recently had a bizarre health scare. Suddenly, without warning, she was paralyzed from the waist down. She didn’t walk for 11 days, and the night before this video was filmed, she still had no movement or feeling in her legs.

Bailey surprised one of her favorite nurses one day, though, by greeting her when she came into her Texas hospital by getting out of her chair and embracing her. The nurse’s reaction is indicative of, as the top YouTube comment reads, “a woman who has given too much, for too few victories.”

“Bless our healthcare workers,” the commenter concludes, a sentiment echoed on Reddit, where the video gained much of its viral lift, and across the Web by other outlets that have picked it up. We’re inclined to agree.

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