Male Makeup Artist Transforms Himself into Kim Kardashian and More Female Stars

Paolo Ballesteros is a TV host from the Philippines

Photo: Marc Piasecki/GC

Paolo Ballesteros is a Filipino actor and TV host. But he’s also Nicki Minaj. And Kim Kardashian. And Tyra Banks. And Katy Perry.

Ballesteros is an expert makeup artist, and his Instagram is crammed with examples of him using his skills to transform into a wide variety of female celebrities. He’s attracting a ton of attention and fans across the Internet with his shocking transformations. For example:

Here’s his Kylie Jenner

and his Dakota Johnson.

Check out Cate Blanchett:

Plus, Oscar winner Julianne Moore:

The 32-year-old is slated to star in Die Beautiful, an indie in which he plays a “Filipino transgender woman with the dying wish to be buried looking like Lady Gaga.” So he’s got that going for him, as well.

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