Pam Anderson & Kid Rock to Wed 'A Few' Times

The couple will marry in the South of France on Saturday – then all over the U.S. next week

Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock will wed this weekend in the South of France – and then again in California, Michigan and Tennessee, according to the actress.

“I’m going to get married a few times this month to the same guy,” said Anderson, already sporting a bridal veil, during a Wednesday news conference in Las Vegas to promote her new online gaming site,

Referring to her rocker fiancé by his given name, which is Bob (last name: Ritchie), Anderson explained of her serial nuptials: “We had to do Malibu, we’ve got to do Detroit, and we’ve got to do Nashville. If Bob knew he was getting married five years ago in St. Tropez, he wouldn’t have believed it.”

There were times during those years when nobody would have believed it. After becoming engaged in the Las Vegas desert in April 2002 – yet never setting a wedding date – the couple broke up the following year.

But during a recent trip to St. Tropez, they became re-engaged, Anderson tells PEOPLE. And now it’s all hearts and flowers, with the bride-to-be ending her press conference by tossing a bouquet into the crowd of reporters.

Afterwards, Anderson told PEOPLE that it was simply in the cards that she would marry Rock.

“It’s just timing,” she said. “It’s being in love, obviously, and it’s time for me to move on with my life and get on with the rest of it with my kids.”

The British Columbia-born Anderson, 39, has two sons, Brandon, 10, and Dylan, 8, from her 1995-98 marriage to rocker Tommy Lee. The Detroit-born Rock, 35, has a 16-year-old son, Robert James Ritchie Jr., whose mother is Kelly South Russell, a Detroit autoworker.

Anderson said that after a Thursday night party in Las Vegas, she’ll jet to the South of France for a Saturday wedding. “It’ll be on a boat, on a beach and then we’re going to a club,” she says. “Then (we’re) going to have a West Coast party.”

She adds that except for the wedding veil (“I’m very excited. I’m starting to get dressed now”), all details of the upcoming celebration are still up in the air (“I haven’t even thought about my dress yet”).

Regarding the pace of it, “I do it all the time,” she says. “I fly for real quick trips. We’re going to France. We’re going to have a reception and ceremony on the West Coast. Nashville. We have a lot going on. I’m just really excited.”

Even so, “I’m more concerned about my kids and what they’re doing over this week than what I’m doing. I want my kids to be a part of it. I want them to be there.”

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