It was "sad but inspiring to see these kids happy despite having nothing," she says

By Pete Norman
April 24, 2007 03:20 PM

Pamela Anderson, home after visiting Russia, says one experience there touched her the most.

“I especially loved visiting an orphanage outside of Moscow,” Anderson, 39, writes in her online diary about last week’s trip. “It was really eye opening – sad but inspiring to see these kids happy despite having nothing – really nothing, including parents.”

Of those kids she met, she writes, “Their stories are heart-wrenching, but when you put your arms around these kids and kiss them – play games with them and listen to them sing and laugh – it really makes you reach inside – know how blessed we are – and know how much of a blessing it is that we can brighten a child’s day.”

For Anderson, the visit to Russia was multi-purpose. Once in Moscow she also worked to promote animal rights and to help host April 19’s MTV Russia Film Awards ceremony.

But, apparently, it was her brush with the orphans that most inspired her to share her thoughts. “It’s very difficult to adopt from Russia unless you are Russian or living in Russia,” she writes on her site. “It’s not common in their culture – they do not have a foster care system.”

She does not, however, go so far as to address the question about her own possible adoption of a Russian child. “I visited children that were my children’s age,” she writes, referring to her two sons, Brandon, 10 and Dylan Jagger, 9, whose father is Anderson’s ex-husband, rocker Tommy Lee. But she does say: “I’m going back to visit – I’m in love with them and their spirits.

“I have hope for them, they will survive, and I hope as this transition still occurs throughout Russia that they are given a chance.”