June 10, 2004 12:00 PM

Michael Crichton, move over: Pamela Anderson is ready to invade bookstores.

The former Baywatch babe will publish her first book, a novel called Star, in August, the New York Post reports.

Her publisher, Atria, says that book, which closely follows Anderson’s own story, concerns a small-town girl who is discovered at a sporting event and becomes an overnight sensation as a magazine centerfold.

Anderson, 36, a native Canadian, broke into showbiz as a pitchwoman for her country’s Labatt beer – after she was spotted wearing a Labatt T-shirt at a British Columbia Lions football game.

Atria describes this maiden effort by Anderson as “the A list meets the D cup.” Though it has yet to reach readers (or critics), the book also paves the way for Anderson’s second novel, to be called Star Struck. In both cases, says the Post, the actress is working with Los Angeles writer Eric Shaw.

A two-week summer book tour is planned.

In other news of Anderson – who is also a spokeswoman for People for the Ethical treatment of Animals – she has sent a letter to NASCAR driver and KFC spokesperson Dale Earnhardt Jr., asking that he use his new relationship with the company to curb its suppliers’ worst abuses of chickens, including what PETA says is painful shackling and live scalding in de-feathering tanks.

In a statement, Anderson said: “Little chickens need a big man like Dale to stick up for them.”

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