Ozzy Osbourne's Mistress Michelle Pugh Has No Regrets: 'Love Is Never a Mistake'

"I can't deny that I fell in love with a married man," Michelle Pugh tells PEOPLE

Photo: Korbin Bielski

Michelle Pugh’s extramarital affair with Ozzy Osbourne has now led to a high-profile lawsuit, but the hair colorist tells PEOPLE that she still has no regrets about the romance.

“I can’t deny that I fell in love with a married man that pursued me, but this narrative that is out there that I am some groupie that went after him because of money – it’s just simply not true,” she says. “That is not the situation.”

On Wednesday, Pugh filed a lawsuit against Ozzy’s daughter Kelly Osbourne for defamation, intentional infliction of emotional distress and public disclosure of private facts.

The suit stems from series of angry tweets that Kelly sent about Pugh in May after learning of the rumored affair. In one, Kelly shared Pugh’s direct phone number and, in another, accused her of “elder abuse.”

Pugh tells PEOPLE that she and Ozzy had a four-year affair, starting in 2012. Ozzy and wife of 33 years, Sharon Osbourne briefly split earlier this year after news of the relationship broke.

Ozzy’s rep tells PEOPLE that the rocker is in “intense therapy” for sex addition, and that Pugh “took their relationship out of context.”

Pugh, maintains, however, that her and Ozzy’s affair was one of love.

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“You happen to meet someone and you have an amazing connection and it’s not desirable to act upon it. End of story,” she says. “Do I realize that certain people will not understand? Yes. I am not asking for anyone’s approval.”

She adds, “I don’t regret anything. Love is never a mistake. Even when it’s messy and even when it hurts.”

The colorist notes that she still respects and loves Ozzy, calling their romance, “the greatest love of my life.”

It was the online scrutiny she faced, Pugh says, that drove her to speak out after sitting “silent for nearly three months out of respect for him and his family.”

“During that time I have watched my cherished private relationship based on love and mutual respect be thrown out to the media for public dissection, speculation and the entertainment of the masses,” she charges, adding “I will no longer stay silent and allow myself to be eternally nailed shut in someone’s coffin of shame.”

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Adds Pugh’s rep, Sharon McConochie, of her decision to finally speak out in PEOPLE, “Ms. Pugh has had numerous requests from tabloids since May, offering her substantial monetary gain. All were declined. We decided to publicly come forward now, to tell her side of the story regarding her 4-year relationship with Mr. Osborne. Allegations, inflammatory remarks and cyber attacks have been escalating from the other party involved, for months – her truth finally had to be told.”

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