By Stephen M. Silverman
Updated December 09, 2003 01:00 PM

Ozzy Osbourne fractured eight ribs and a vertebra in his neck in a bike crash on his English country estate in Buckinghamshire, but doctors said Tuesday he was comfortable and stable in the hospital, reports Reuters.

On Monday, the Birmingham-born Osbourne reportedly underwent emergency surgery at the Wexham Park Hospital in southern England, following a crash that occurred while he was riding an all-terrain bike during a day off from promoting his new single (a duet with his daughter Kelly, “Changes”).

“Mr. Ozzy Osbourne was brought in yesterday following an accident at home,” hospital spokesman Dick Jack told reporters early Tuesday.

“He had a fractured left collarbone, he had some damage to the blood vessel that lies underneath it, he had eight fractured ribs on the left side and in addition to that he has a small, entirely stable fracture of one of the vertebrae in his neck.”

Publicist Cindy Guagenti said in a statement that the rocker had undergone emergency surgery to lift the collarbone which was interrupting blood flow to his arm, as well as to alleviate some bleeding into his lungs.

Jack, who is also Wexham Park Hospital’s medical director, said an emergency surgical team had re-established the blood supply to Osbourne’s arm and reconstructed his left collarbone.

“This morning he will be seen by the doctors who are taking care of him,” Jack said. “They will reassess him and make decisions as to what his treatment should be next.”

The accident comes after the MTV star, 55, already has been in the headlines for a solid week — first for the revelation that he was sexually abused by classmates when he was young, and then over his claims that his high-priced Beverly Hills doctor over-prescribed pills for him.